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my san diego doula client testimonials

Wondering what our past clients have to say about us? Here are some kind words from a few of the families we've supported during their pregnancy, birth & postpartum...

"Courtney and Tiffany are two of my most favorite people on the planet. I was blessed to have had them both as part of my pregnancy and postpartum journey. They are amazingly knowledgable, supportive, and their joy and kindness envelop everyone they encounter. I only wish I had them as part of my first birth! They are the best and I honestly cannot say enough good things about them."


- Natalina G, San Diego

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courtney scott birth doula holding newborn baby birth doula services san diego

"I have NO WORDS for how VALUABLE a resource Courtney was as a Doula! My Husband (a very active father in the labor) and myself found her to be the perfect support system before, during and after the birth of our daughter! It's like she knew exactly what we were going to need before we knew we needed it! Which is so comforting during a first time birth!"


- Clarissa R, San Diego

"Courtney changed my life and opened my eyes to what birth can really be! A powerful and life changing/transformative experience and I will forever be grateful to her. Her wisdom, patience, and love for what she does shines through and is inspiring. My care under Courtney was exceptional. She was my midwife, doula, managed my placenta and even became a friend. I couldn't be happier with my birth experience."


- Leigh S, San Diego

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"Our experience with Courtney was incredible. My husband was initially unsure about having a doula present as he was concerned what his role would be.  We met with a few doulas and ultimately chose Courtney for her calm & soothing demeanor. You can tell that she chooses her words carefully and is extremely thoughtful.  She knew when to step in to help and instruct my husband, while being extremely respectful of my wishes during the labor & delivery. She took a few photos of the delivery that I will cherish forever."


- Taya G, San Diego

"Hiring Courtney as our doula was the best decision we ever made. She is a calm, experienced presence who can clearly and concisely explain every step of the birth process for you. This is invaluable when you only have a short time between contractions and you're trying to decide your next step! The nurses and doctor were there to make sure baby and I were safe and healthy, Courtney was there to make sure I understood exactly what was happening and helped me listen to what my body was telling. My husband and parents were also extremely grateful that Courtney was there and could not stop talking about her! I cannot recommend her enough!"


- Tarin G, San Diego

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mother holding newborn baby cute belly button and feet my san diego doula birth doula services

"I chose Courtney as my doula and placenta specialist for the birth of my second baby and I can not say enough good things about the experience. Courtney is a warm, caring, and calming person who helped me and my family prepare for the arrival of our new little one. As a second time mom I felt pretty confident about labor and delivery but Courtney provided additional support, knowledge, and such a fantastic presence that helped me have the birthing experience I wanted. I believe every family deserves a doula (I say family because dads benefit too) and Courtney was a perfect fit for our family."


- Kristy O, San Diego

Courtney's prenatal support was HUGE, but on the big day, she was INVALUABLE. I never thought I would say this, but my labor and delivery experience was wonderful. Don't get me was exhausting and painful, but it was wonderful. BECAUSE OF COURTNEY. Courtney helped me focus, kept me breathing and calm, suggested alternate positions, massaged my back, said exactly the right thing at exactly the right time and always, always, made me feel like I could do it. Additionally, she helped my husband a great deal. Courtney's support didn't stop the day our son joined our family. She came to check on me a few days after his birth and brought placenta pills and chocolate...EXACTLY what I needed. 

- Tovah A, San Diego

black and white newborn baby my san deigo doula birth doula services

courtney has five stars on yelp!

Feel free to check out what my clients have to say about me on Yelp, too!


If you are a previous client of mine and you'd like to share your experience having me as your birth doula with others, I would love your feedback on Yelp! (Click the Yelp icon to be redirected to my Yelp page.)


You can view more of my archived testimonials here.

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