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Testimonial Tuesday: Birth Doula & Postpartum Belly Binding Support

Hiring a doula who offers several services ensures seamless, continuity of care from pregnancy through postpartum. Here's Taya G's experience:

"My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity of having both Courtney and Tiffany at the birth of our daughter. We had hired Courtney as our doula and Tiffany came along with my midwife as a student midwife, assisting our birth. Our experience with Courtney was incredible. My husband was initially unsure about having a doula present as he was concerned what his role would be. We met with a few doulas and ultimately chose Courtney for her calm & soothing demeanor. You can tell that she chooses her words carefully and is extremely thoughtful. She knew when to step in to help and instruct my husband, while being extremely respectful of my wishes during the labor & delivery. She took a few photos of the delivery that I will cherish forever. Not only did she support me during my labor and delivery, I opted to take her private breastfeeding class and traditional bandage binding services. Courtney came to my home shortly after giving birth to my daughter to perform the rebozo bone closing ritual, massage my belly and instruct my husband how to properly bind my belly. The bandage binding made me feel secure, my organs supported and helped me to maintain a better posture. After you have baby and you feel like all of your organs are just floating around inside of you the binding helps secure everything in. I also enjoyed the daily ritual of my husband binding me and taking that moment to take care of myself. I highly recommend Courtney for all of her services!"

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