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Testimonial Tuesday: Fighting off Baby Blues with Placenta Encapsulation

Debbie C, from San Diego, shares about how great she felt after encapsulating her placenta:

"I heard about Placenta Encapsulation during my pregnancy and was immediately sold when my friend said that it helped with Postpartum depression. The baby blues is something that I have watched SO many of my girlfriends go through, and I wanted to be able to fight it. The first week of my newborns life I spent on a roller coaster. I went from a traumatic birth experience as I believe many women have, to euphoric baby love, to roll confusion and downward spiraling in the first couple of days. I received the capsules and smoothie cubes within that first couple of days and started taking the cubes right away. By the next day I was feeling better. At this point, I had the realization that I wasn't doing okay before through the comparison of how I was feeling now. Then I noticed that my feet had STOPPED swelling! My feet didn't swell during my pregnancy, but postpartum they were HUGE! I guess it's pretty normal for feet to swell after pregnancy due to hormones. Coincidentally (??) my milk supply started coming in, what a relief! I woke up the next day, before my baby, and was so energized I cleaned the whole house. My husband, who was doing so great at helping with chores around the house and food preparation got a break because he couldn't stop me, I JUST FELT GREAT! I was singing and dancing around the house, and then it hit me, "this is all because of my placenta!" Oh and did I mention that my baby started sleeping though the night (3 nights in a row now!)? My friends have been checking in with me recently (probably because they expect me to be well on my downward spiral that they were on at this phase) and I have nothing but positive things to say. I can't stop telling everyone about encapsulating their placenta, I am a believer! We need to get the word out about doing this!"

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