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Testimonial Tuesday: Second-Time Mom So Glad to Choose Placenta Encapsulation

Andrea O, from San Diego, shares her experience with placenta encapsulation:

"I am so glad that I decided to encapsulate my placenta with my second baby! Courtney was so incredible! From the initial contact, Courtney listened to all of my questions and answered everything and made me feel so good! My husband contacted her as soon as I had the baby, and she was there within a couple hours to take the placenta away to process. That evening she already returned with 2 bottles of my pills in a cute bag with a little gift inside (that totally made my day!). Since taking the pills I feel less anxiety and in a better mood. There were a couple days I forgot to take it and I really could tell the difference (I started getting emotional and snappy towards people) - I truly believe it has helped me. I am not sure if it helps with breast milk supply, but it definetly did not hurt it. Overall, I did not experience any negative side effects (though the pills have a strong odor) and felt great! Courtney was always so kind and followed up with me postpartum and even answered additional questions I had after the baby. I would definetly recommend her and placenta encapsulation!"

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