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Testimonial Tuesday: Priceless Doula Support

Kate A, from San Diego, shares about her experience having Courtney as her birth doula for the birth of her third daughter:

"Courtney Scott was my doula for my third child and I wish she had been with me for my first two. She was worth every penny. She met with me twice before the delivery. We talked through my birth plan, she answered questions and gave us resources on water birth and breastfeeding since I had had difficulty in the past. She provided emotional support in the weeks prior as I was having some anxiety about going into labor again. She always returned my calls despite her own full life of family and work. Even when I called late, Courtney picked up her phone and calmed my worries. The day my water broke Courtney came over to show me stretches to get the contractions going and walked around my neighborhood while I mentally prepared. Courtney brought a special energy into the room while I was laboring. Almost like a sixth sense...she knew what I needed. She kept me on track with my natural birth when I needed it most and wanted to give up. I can not put into words how much this woman contributed to the beautiful experience of my third daughters birth. After the birth Courtney came to my house and helped with breastfeeding, belly binding and brought my placenta she had encapsulated for my post partum symptoms. I will recommend her to all my pregnant friends. The support I felt from her before, during and after my pregnancy was priceless. Thank you Courtney"

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