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Testimonial Tuesday: Better Recovery with Placenta Encapsulation

Maggie M, from San Diego, shares about her experience with encapsulator, Tiffany Alblinger, and her awesome postpartum recovery after her second baby!

"I (embarrassingly)first heard about placenta encapsulation on an episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.' I immediately thought it was so cool! Totally something I would do. We already had one little one but I knew that when had our next baby that I wanted to "eat his placenta." As soon as we got pregnant with baby number two I started doing research and found that it is actually more common than I thought. It's something mommas all over the world have done for a really long time. I got in contact with Tiffany early on in my second pregnancy and let her know that I wanted to get my placenta encapsulated.

When delivery day came I told everyone that walked into my room to save my placenta for me. No one thought it was wired and no one made me feel funny about it. When baby and placenta arrived everything was perfect. The nurse took my placenta and put it in a bag and then into a tub with ice. Tiffany had instructed me to contact her once we were in recovery and she came and picked up my placenta shortly after. She made it super easy and stress free for me. The next day she brought my placenta pills to the hospital for me with instructions and dosage information. She also took pictures of the entire process for me. The only regret I have about any of it was not asking to have the umbilical cord dried and saved for me. If your going to get encapsulation done request to keep your umbilical cord. If you don't like it you can always throw it away, but I SO wish I had our sons.

For me the pills seemed to start working right away. I felt like my emotions were much more stable in those first few postpartum days than they had been with our daughter. Once we were home I was tired of course, but I had more energy than I did the last time even though this time I had a newborn and a three year old to attend to. My postpartum recovery and bleeding seemed to finish quicker this time around too. I took 2 pills a day every morning and they lasted me about 2 months. I absolutely loved my placenta pills and I was so sad when I ran out. I would recommend it to any expectant mother. If we ever have another baby I will absolutely have Tiffany encapsulate for me again."

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