Testimonial Tuesday: Benefits of Hiring a Birth Doula & Encapsulating Your Placenta as a Second-Time Mom

October 17, 2017

Kristy O, from San Diego, benefitted greatly form hiring a doula AND encapsulating her placenta for the birth of her second child. Getting the right support the second time around can make a huge difference in your experience!


"I chose Courtney as my doula and placenta specialist for the birth of my second baby and I can not say enough good things about the experience.  Courtney is a warm, caring, and calming person who helped me and my family prepare for the arrival of our new little one.  As a second time mom I felt pretty confident about labor and delivery but Courtney provided additional support, knowledge, and such a fantastic presence that helped me have the birthing experience I wanted.  I believe every family deserves a doula (I say family because dads benefit, too) and Courtney was a perfect fit for our family.

As for placenta encapsulation, DO IT!  Courtney was already there for the birth, so once she left (after making sure my husband and I had some food), she took the placenta with her.  A few days later she came to our house with a goody bag that included among other things the placenta capsules.  Background: I did not choose placenta encapsulation after the birth of my first and struggled with milk supply, baby blues, etc.  Wow!  What a difference with the capsules!  My milk supply has been awesome from the get-go (I'm 6 1/2 months PP now) and my mood, energy, and attitude have been so much better this time around.  I was in touch with Courtney as my capsule supply was running low and she was able to make a tincture for me with the remaining capsules, therefore extending the benefits.   

I would highly recommend Courtney as a doula and a placenta specialist!"




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