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Testimonial Tuesday - Birth Doula Support through Labor Doubts

Jennifer H, from San Diego, worked hard for the natural birth she desired with her second baby. Her husband and doula, Courtney Scott, worked as a solid team to support her through moments of doubt and encouraged her all the way through meeting her baby. Here's her experience...

"Courtney was the most amazing doula I could have ever wanted. From the moment I met her, she exuded this incredible calming presence that was so comforting. I knew that she was who I needed to support me and my husband during the birth of our son. During our prenatal visits she provided a wealth of information and guidance to help us feel more prepared in welcoming our second child into our family. When my guess date came and went she stopped by again for another visit to help me talk out my frustrations and anxiety of the waiting game. A much needed therapy session, that helped me remain positive those last few days. When I finally went into labor, Courtney met us at the hospital at 2am all ready to go! While my husband was a very active participant in comforting and supporting me through my tough labor, there is no way I could have made it through without her. She was able to provide the emotional, psychological, and physical support I needed. She was my biggest cheerleader and every time I said I couldn't do it anymore, she reminded me of how strong I am and I that I have everything it takes to birth my baby. She let me squeeze her hand for hours on end without complaining even once(and I had crazy mama strength)! She stayed by my side when my husband needed to rest. She was incredible. After 16 hours of labor and much self-doubt, with the encouragement of my wonderful husband and knowledgeable support of Courtney, I was able to have the natural birth I wanted for myself and my son. I am certain that I would not have been able to have that dream come true without Courtney on my birthing team. While I was able to have the natural birth I wanted, my son had breathing issues right away and was swept off by the NICU team immediately. Courtney stayed by my side helping me process everything that had just happened while my husband went with my son. It meant so much to not be alone during that emotionally difficult time. About a week after the birth, Courtney met up with my husband, sweet babe and I at a coffee shop and were able to talk about all the thoughts and emotions surrounding the birth. It was so wonderful to process all of the event together and brought me even more peace. I am forever grateful that we were blessed to have Courtney as our doula. She will always hold a very special place in my heart for what she helped me accomplish. I cannot recommend her enough!"

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