Testimonial Tuesday - Many Options with Placenta Encapsulation

September 19, 2017

Patrice S from San Diego shares her experience with Placenta Encapsulation this week! 


"Finally able to complete my review after giving birth in March. I found this placenta encapsulation service by Internet search and Courtney was recommended by my doula as well. After I had given birth, I was moved to the recovery room and I was panicking because I was worried she wouldn't be able to find me to pick up my placenta. She was able to find my room after my doula left and do a quick check up on how I was doing. The process on setting up the encapsulation was simple, with many ways to pay and many options (pills, powder etc). She finished my placenta encapsulation in a timely manner and my package was wonderfully packed when she dropped it off to me. She explained how to use it and checked up on me after a couple of weeks to see how things were going. I can only imagine how busy she is and it's nice to know she thought about me to check in. I am sure her doula services are amazing although I only used the placenta encapsulation services. I am recommending her to anyone looking to get their placenta encapsulated, definitely worth it. I would use her services in the future."




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