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Placenta Prints & Other Placenta Art: You'll Do What With My Placenta?

That's right... We'll make art. With your placenta. Some people are totally weirded out by this, which we completely understand. But for those of you who are thinking "Heck yeah!" or who are even mildly curios, placenta art can be a beautiful way to cherish and remember your pregnancy and the incredible organ that sustained your baby for nearly ten months.

There are lots of different ways to create placenta art. Our favorite is the complimentary placenta print in our Placenta Encapsulation package. We have come up with so many beautiful prints over the years - each of them just as unique as the placenta they came from. So, how exactly do we create a placenta print? I'm so glad you asked! Before processing your placenta into feel-good, postpartum capsules, and after we have weighed, measured and inspected your placenta, we lay it out on a chux pad, with the fetal side facing up. The fetal side of the placenta is the side of the placenta your baby was snuggling with in utero - it's the side with the beautiful vein structures that resemble tree branches. After the placenta is laid flat, we arrange the umbilical cord around or below the placenta, depending on what looks and feels right for the placenta we're printing. Sometimes we arrange the cord to look like a tree trunk below the placenta, creating the "Tree of Life" that the placenta is named after. Other times we may arrange the cord into a spiral below th eplacenta, representing the birth labyrinth, or any other design that comes to mind. Next, we make sure there is a very thin layer of blood spread across the face of the placenta and the cord. I know, I know, this may sound totally strange - since we don't want anything to come into contact with your placenta that you wouldn't want to consume, the blood from the placenta becomes the "paint" that makes the print. Once the placenta is arranged, it's time to do the printing! We take a large sheet of watercolor or multi-media art paper and lay the paper on top of the placenta, making sure to cover the entire placenta and cord. Then we very gently rub the paper to create an impression of the placenta on the other side - kind of like when we were kids and we would do rubbings of coins in art class. After that's done, we gently pull the paper away from the placenta and voila! A placenta print!

Placenta prints are our favorite way to commemmorate the placenta, but maybe you're asking what you would actually do with the print? We've had lots of families come up with fun ways to frame their placentas and showcase them in baby's room. You could also incorporate the print into a shadow box of baby's things! We've also had other families who have decided to keep them as special momentos, which are more private. Some families have taken our prints and added their own art to the piece, expanding on the print with other materials and mediums. The possibilities are endless!

Speaking of endless possibilities, there are lots of other ways to remember your pregnancy and placenta through placenta art. If you're a tech-savvy person, a fun way to make placenta "prints" without as much of the ick factor that some people might have, is to upload a photo of your placenta into photoshop or another similar program and alter the photo in a fun and aesthetically pleasing way. Here are a couple examples of fun placenta photos I've created...

There are even people who have created beautiful placenta prints with real paint! Rumor has it that you place a layer of plastic wrap over the placenta, then paint onto the plastic wrap in alignment with the pattern of the placenta, to come up with a bold and colorful placneta print. These prints turn out especially fabulous if you're artistic! Go ahead and get creative, or swing on over to our services page to add 'placenta prints' to yourPlacenta Services Order!

With Placenta Love,


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