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Testimonial Tuesday - Placenta Encapsulation After Surrogacy

Wondering what other women have experienced from encapsulating their placenta? Check out this week's testimonial from one of our Placenta Clients, Crystal M, from San Diego.

"I first heard of Courtney's services at a surrogate's meeting, and she was spoken of highly by a fellow surrogate friend. During the meeting she was very friendly, upbeat, and knowledgeable about the processes, and made sure everyone knew how important safety was. I knew that I had experienced a prolonged sense of mood instability and sadness during my first pregnancy, so I decided to give placenta encapsulation a try. The pills, salve, tincture, and smoothie cubes all did what I expected, and more! There was a distinct shift in my mood after taking my supplements, and any questions I had Courtney was always available. She even provided extra recipes for the smoothies upon request! I am absolutely confident in Courtney's abilities and the positive effects from placenta encapsulation, and will be using her services in the future!"

Placenta Encapsulation services in San Diego County, providing new moms with better postpartum experiences. Placenta capsules benefit moms with more milk, more energy and better moods!

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