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Tiffany & Placentas: My Story

You found it! More information about Tiffany Alblinger, Placenta Encapsulator Extraordinaire!

Who am I? How did I get into this work? Do you really want ME processing your placenta?

I am a mommy of 3 and wife of 1 (Husband feels very passionate that he remain my one and only). Our oldest is 15 and our youngest is 3. I am on my toes around the clock to say the least. Right now a typical day in our Carlsbad household starts early and ends late and involves lots of driving, communication skills practice for all, and plenty of laughs (I mean if you can't laugh at chaos you are in bad shape). We love the beach, roasting marshmallows in our backyard and sharing leisurely time and meals with family and friends. On the occasion that I can shake my big-girl responsibilities I personally enjoy yoga (especially going more than 4 times a year), homesteading (mason jar, anyone?) and quiet time outdoors (heck, quiet time anywhere).

I became fascinated with pregnancy and birth after my first daughter was born 5 and half years ago. The experience really shaped me into a researching, information seeking, and story searching lady. I used these new magical powers first as a childbirth educator, teaching expectant parents about pregnancy, labor and birth. I quickly craved to be a part of the actual birthing process and pursued work as a birth doula. Well you know what comes after the birth of the baby, right? The placenta! That thing would show up every single time! So we became good friends and finally was talked over to the dark-side, aka, purposefully handling the placenta. And not even just handling it- I ENJOYED processing it into all the creative forms that would make it edible and useful for new mamas. I still enjoy it. What an amazing medicine our own bodies create!

Two years ago all this birth fascination took a turn for official obsession when I began formal schooling to become a Licensed Midwife. I attend a private school in San Diego, and participate in a local homebirth practice as the senior apprentice. I am on track to graduate in the fall of 2016. What a lucky little crunchy-crazy, birth-loving chicky that makes me. I am awesomely blessed to be doing what I love and impacting San Diego families with education, support and postpartum wellness.

So why let me handle your placenta? The resume answer is that I have the expert training, experience and knowledge to provide safe and effective encapsulation of your placenta. I am not solely providing you with a product: Your placenta is prepared with proper OSHA and Food Handling guidelines to eliminate contamination and blood borne illness; I draw upon the experience of processing over 50 placentas; I use my formal education in universal precautions, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbology, postpartum health and nutrition to create the most balanced and healthful experience for you.

The touchy-feely human being answer is that I care for women and their babies and respect the natural process of birth and parenting. As a mother I understand how tricky and tender the postpartum period can be, especially for the first baby. As a doula and student midwife I am familiar with the unique circumstances and common issues that come along with healing after birth and nursing a new baby. As a passionate placenta specialist I have respect for this organ and handle your placenta with mindfulness and care. You can learn more about the process here.

I believe that all women deserve a supported postpartum period and those that are most interested in the benefits of placenta encapsulation should have easy access to the service. If you know anyone that could use assistance in accessing placenta services please connect them with me- I love providing educating and resources to make the use of placenta postpartum a more common practice.

Questions answered and free consultations at: (858) 366-3283,

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