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How to Boost Your Placenta Smoothies to Get the Most Bang After Baby

Placenta Smoothies: You gotta be brave just to utter the words together in the same sentence. But yet, we know that the most benefits can come from ingesting your placenta raw. My San Diego Placenta specialists offer smoothie prep as a service. You can get your entire placenta prepared to consume just as smoothies, or you can get the more popular choice which is to have part of it reserved for a week of smoothies and the rest prepared into pills/capsules for consumption. When we prepare your placenta for smoothies we bring you 2 prepared smoothies. Because, newborn. Who has time to start whizzing up their own smoothies the day after your baby is born? However, you gotta get with it eventually, day 3 you are going to take a frozen piece of placenta from your freezer and drop it in your own smoothie recipe.

And be rest assured, we have to say it all the time, "No, you literally cannot taste the placenta." We ask all the time, just to be sure and we have women tell us over and over how happy they are to assure us that they indeed cannot taste the placenta. Here are some ideas to keep your placenta smoothie as palatable as possible but also get in some extra nutrition to keep that placenta sipping as impactful to your health as you can...

Step 1: Start with a base: Some kind of juice or liquid like milk. You want to begin with a small amount, maybe just 1/4 cup of the base and mix your placenta piece into it first- just be certain that there aren't any larger particles of placenta that get disguised in a larger serving size.

Step 2: Once you have your placenta blended into the base, then you can pick your bulkier ingredients. Aim for a handful of fiber-rich and colorful veggies. We love how easily kale, spinach and carrot and beet tops blend in and offer an excellent assortment of antioxidants and vitamins. Depending on how well your blender works, you could toss in some bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, etc. Don't be afraid to get creative!

Step 3: Try to get some protein into each smoothie as well. This could be a handful of nuts or nut butter, a scoop of your favorite powder, some greek yogurt or even some cooked beans.

Step 4: Postpartum can be a time of immune vulnerability, with the physical demands and sleeplessness of caring for baby; go for getting some immune boosting whole foods into your smoothie too, like: garlic, ginger, or raw apple cider vinegar. Be careful with these overpowering tastes, you want to be able to actually drink this up when you're done!

Step 5: Add a few dashes of lactation aids to boost milk supply. Try a scoop of flaxseed meal, brewers yeast, rolled oats, fenugreek or fennel seeds. Now we are really multi-tasking huh?! Welcome to motherhood my dear!

Step 6: I know you are waiting for it- Sweeten that placenta smoothie up! You'll need to add a lot more liquid to get all your ingredients into a drinkable consistency, but some of that can be done with natural juices from fruit or a sweetened almond milk. If still you need more sweet, try adding honey, stevia or maple syrup. Avoid as much additional sugars as possible to keep from getting any blood sugar spikes or energy/mood crashes.

Now that you have some ideas of what to grab at home or the store to blend up with your placenta, here are some recipe starters for those of you that need it as simple as possible. No, we don't think all the above ingredients would go well together! Yuck. Here is place to start with some helpful combinations:

Recipe Starter 1:

Almond milk


Almond butter


Rolled oats

Maple syrup

Recipe Starter 2:

Orange juice



Greek Yogurt




Recipe Starter 3:

Apple juice


Beet tops

Pine nuts

Apple cider vinegar

Brewers yeast


Don't be afraid to experiment with flavors and portions before you add your placenta base, you can certainly go in the opposite direction to make sure you don't come up with anything you can't stand the taste of accidently. And when in doubt: blending up the placenta with JUST a little bit of juice to swish back gets the most important job done and keeps your kitchen clean! Found a combination you love and want to share? Please let us know, we are always looking for ideas to help our placenta clients get the most out of their postpartum recovery.

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