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You're no Superhero, You're a Placenta- Eater

Ok, I lied a little bit with that title. I actually DO think you’re a superhero if you eat your placenta. But not just because you ate your placenta, but because that means you made some conscious decisions that included eating your placenta. When you arrive at the, "I think I am going to eat my placenta" place, that many of us do, you didn't get there on accident. Chances are you have made some other really radical and thoughtful choices before then. You may have done a ton of research on where to give birth and who your care provider will be. You may have made room in your schedule for some awesome childbirth classes. You may have told a lot of people you love that no, in fact, they will not be at your birth. You may have taken the time and energy to interview and hire and work with a doula. You may have done a whole crap load of amazing things for this sweet little babe growing inside you. I am rejoicing with you- this is parenting! You are parenting the moment you find out you are pregnant and stop drinking 3 lattes a day and abandon your sushi habit. And I think that all deserves quite the medal of honor.

However, ANYONE can make the decision to make the most out of postpartum health. It doesn't have to be this huge, dramatic, eccentric choice meant only for the hippie-loving, tree-hugging, Prius-driving lot of us (Ok, I don't think I have ever hugged a tree, actually. And you try getting 3 carseats into a Prius, not gonna happen). Placenta encapsulation can be for everyone. I mean, even the ones that are like, "ewww, OMG, so gross, disgusting". Yes those people, even they are capable of taking a capsules down the throat with a swig of water right? How many things do we sacrifice and put up with in life because we know it is good for us?? The evidence doesn't lie! This is what OUR clients are saying about their encapsulation experiences at My San Diego Placenta...

After consuming their placenta...

81% of our clients say they have experienced better moods

81% of our clients say they experienced quicker healing from birth

76% of our clients report feeling more balanced and grounded

67% shared that they had an increase in energy

67% of the clients we have served report feeling less anxiety

57% reported feeling less sadness

48% of our clients say they noticed a reduction in their postpartum bleeding

48% of our clients shared feeling less weepiness

43% of the moms we served told us they noticed an increase in milk supply

29% of our clients reported better sleep

It's not enough to say, "WHO wouldn't want benefits like that?" But my real question is, "who doesn't DESERVEbenefits like that? What woman who has just gone through the ultimate physical sacrifice to grow and birth this baby so expertly doesn't deserve to utilize the most natural remedy available to her in a variety of forms that she can choose from?

We all deserve the utmost care and consideration after giving birth. We should not be expected to keep up with the pace of our lives we had before. Postpartum is a time of rest, bonding, healing, learning and lots of newborn snuggling magic. We should not be expected to grow a human being, birth it into life and keep it all together on top of that. We allow others to cook us meals, run errands for us, gift us with tons of baby items; We accept the aid of motrin, Tucks pads, nipple cream, and caffeine; We are trying our very hardest to meet the needs of a very demanding and helpless new person in our lives all the while experiencing the greatest amount of love we could have ever imagined; We may or may not be showered, rested or in a clean t-shirt. BUT we all deserve to have access to the things that make us feel supported, joyful, healed, rested, and like the gosh-darn best mommy for this baby that could have ever existed.

You are a human being, a woman, a mother. You do a lot, some of which is in fact very super. You have earned all the support available to you. Placenta encapsulation is one of the best ways we know of to have a holistic and natural transition into motherhood. Join the placenta-eating revolution!

Tiffany Alblinger has been a birth doula since becoming a mother 2010 and has been providing placenta encapsulation since 2014. She especially had enjoyed writing about birth and placentas during her 6 years of birth work. Tiffany happily serves all of San Diego, but provides the speediest placenta encapsulation service to the Encinitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar and Poway areas. Contact her today about placenta encapsulation!

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