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Your Placenta Salve: Intensely Moisturizing, Healer of 'Ouchies' & Saving Baby's Bot

Placenta Salves sound pretty fancy - and intriguing - and they are! If you want to go full 'Crunchy Mama,' or if you just want a super, awesome way to moisturize and heal your entire family with your placenta powers, then a Placenta Salve is definitely the thing for you. There are so many great uses for your Placenta Salve, that if I just started listing them, I'd sound like the guy at the end of medication commercials listing all of the potential side effects - except these side effects are all great!! I'll do my best to keep it concise, yet give you the full picture of how rad your Placenta Salve is...

At My San Diego Placenta, we use an all organic blend of natural oils as the base for our salves. Some of the wonderful ingredients include coconut oil (which is great for basically everything!), beeswax, almond oil (great for skin), and olive oil infused with plantain, calendula and comfrey herbs (all great for skin health and healing). Then we add the not-so-secret super ingredient - your placenta. We infuse this combination of oils with powder from your placenta, which allows the oils to take on the additional healing and soothing properties of the placenta, making it an extra powerful salve for keeping your family's skin in balance in many different ways.

For Mom: Your placenta salve is your ally in topical postpartum healing. From your bottom to your boobs, your salve has got your back!

- If you have had a vaginal birth, after any tears have healed to a closed wound, you can begin using your salve on the outside of your perineum to promote further healing and to return suppleness to your skin.

- Other moms also find their placenta helpful in soothing postpartum hemmhoroids.

- If you have had a cesarean birth, once your cesarean incision closes, you can begin using your placenta salve to heal and rejuvinate the tissue on/around your incision. Gently massaging your salve on your incision promotes skin elasticity, increased blood flow to further help heal the area, reduction in scar tissue at your incision site and healthy skin cell growth and division.

- Once you start breastfeeding, if your nipples become tender and sore, your salve makes a great nipple cream! Your placenta will both soothe and promote healing of any nipple soreness.

For Baby: It's true your placenta nourished your baby inside your womb throughout your pregnancy, and your baby can still benefit from your placenta in the form of a salve.

- Diaper rash is a huge bummer! We hate to see our babes aching, especially on their cute little bottoms! Your placenta salve is an excellent healing ointment for diaper rashes and is super gentle on baby's bottom.

- Your placenta salve is also great for reducing cradle cap and dry skin. Keep your baby supple and soft!

For the Whole Family: This is where the fun really comes in... Not only is your placenta salve super healing for you and baby, but it's also a great first aid remedy to have on hand for the whole family. Our clients have been known to have the following successes with their salves:

- Intense moisturizer for dry or irritated skin, reduces eczema, heals cuts, scrapes and burns, great first aid topical ointment, soothes and heals sunburn, reduces and heals rashes, and much more!

It's pretty amazing how awesome your placenta is and how many uses it has in the form of a salve. We love supporting your postpartum healing with placenta services, and placenta salves are another great way to promote health and wellness during your postpartum season. If you have any questions about placenta salves orany other placenta services that we offer, gve us at shout over here!



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