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Courtney & Placentas: My Story

I'm Courtney Scott - Birth Doula, Student Midwife, Breastfeeding Educator and Placenta Encapsulator - lover of pretty much everything “birth!"

So, where do I begin? I suppose I should start at the beginning of my own journey into the labryinth of birth. I gave birth to my daughter, Ollie, in 2012, after a long, beautiful and challenging labor. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. And navigating becoming a new mom was quite a trip! It was Ollie's birth that led me to birth work. I gained a deep and profound understanding of the importance of support during such a transformative time.

I became a doula.

I began to support women, their partners and their babies on their own birthing journeys. I have witnessed immeasurable strength and grace in every woman I have supported. I have supported women of all different birthing choices, in all different birth settings. I have held space for women as they have reached the gate of great doubt, and cheered along with their partners as these women pushed through doubt and began to grow into the mothers they were becoming. Every birth I attend is an honor and a privilege. At each birth I learn something new, and I continue to desire learning more.

I became a lactation educator.

After giving birth to Ollie, I struggled greatly with breastfeeding. It was the most difficult "natural" thing that I have ever tried to do. I felt completely unprepared for breastfeeding when it became a reality. I longed for guidance and wisdom, but didn't know how or whom to ask. After attending births of several women, and checking in with them postpartum, I quickly realized that I was not the only one who had struggled so greatly. I studied everything I could about breastfeeding and earned my CLEC certification through UCSD. As I began supporting women with lactation education and assistance in their postpartum, I noticed that some women were having great experiences... from eating their placentas! Eating. Their. Placentas. I had to learn more.

I began encapsulating placentas.

I brought home other people's body parts (just placentas!) - much to my husband's dismay - and turned them into palatable, healing medicine. Medicine made by each woman, uniquely for herself. I was completely fascinated by the benefits these women were reporting from consuming their placentas, and equally as fascinated by this brilliant organ, created by baby and mom for the duration of the pregnancy, entirely to sustain the life of the growing baby. Each placenta that I encapsulate is as unique as each birth that I attend. I learn more and more with each one.

I gave birth to twins (not biologically mine) for someone else.

Whoa! Being a gestational surrogate was quite an experience. And carrying twins was even more of an experience! The girls are healthy and beautiful, and live here in San Diego with their Mama :) While I was pregnant with the twins, I was lucky to receive care from both an obstetrician and a midwife. I learned first-hand the similarities and differences between the obstetrical and the midwifery models of care. I experienced what it was like to be truly heard, supported and cared for. I discovered the depth of the importance of women supporting other women. The twins' birth led me to midwifery care. I knew that I wanted to learn as much as I could to continue supporting women, babies and families in the way that they deserve to be cared for.

I am becoming a midwife.

So, what does all of this have to do with placentas? Maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with placentas or placenta encapsulation in general. However, it has everything to do with options for women - for all birthing women - to be able to choose how and from whom they receive support in their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It is my greatest hope that I am able to give as much as I receive while attending births and supporting families with other birth services. Each family I support helps me hone my skills and is a blessing to my soul. Birth work is my passion. Supporting you through this transformative time is my passion. Handling and preparing your placenta with sacred and delicate care is my passion. My intention in encapsulating your placenta is to nurture the healing properties of your placenta medicine, so that you may have a wonderful postpartum as you transition into growing your family.

If you're looking for more of a technical resume from me, here are my qualifications:

BA in Women's Studies from CSUSM

toLabor trained Birth Doula

UCSD Certified Lactation Educator Counselor

Apprentice and Full Circle trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

I have provided one-on-one training for new encapsulators

Blood Borne Pathogens Certification

Encapsulates according to OSHA and Food Handelers regulations

Student Midwife at Birth Roots Birth Center in Chula Vista, CA

I have also completed many hours of continuing education workshops and trainings covering various topics related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Ask me about my experience!

I would love to connect with you! To contact me or to set up a consultation, please feel welcome to reach me by email at or by phone at 619-618-8587.

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