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Daddy Perspective: "My Wife Ate Her Placenta!"

At My San Diego Placenta it is not uncommon to hear from the moms soon after dropping off the placenta pills and other products how well it is doing for them! It truly makes our work so rich to be supporting this special time postpartum. We recognize the family as a whole, whomever it may be: other siblings, grandparents and of course, partners. What we really love to hear is when Dad gives us feedback that his lady taking her placenta is working for HIM too! haha.

Maggie and Julian are a Navy family from Temecula, and gave birth at Camp Pendleton in August to their second child, Wyatt. Maggie is a good childhood friend of mine and when she contacted me to inquire about placenta encapulation I was ecstatic. She was not 100% sure what she was agreeing to but was looking for as much help as she could get with the care of herself, her newborn and her 3 year old daughter Brooke. After we talked a bit more about all the benefits and process of placenta encapsulation, Maggie told me that her hubby Julian had given the ole placenta "ok" and she was ready to secure services. I was so excited for them!

Here is the placenta encapsulation experience from Julian's persepctive:

"Babe.... Next baby we have I am going to eat the placenta!" Ummm......... WHAT?

Instantly scenes from the walking dead popped into my mind.

When Maggie first said that to me I was a little grossed out to say the least. I can't even eat a medium rare steak without gagging so this was all too much. She finally told me that she didn't intend to eat it raw. She was going to have it dehydrated and ground into powder and encapsulated. She promised me it would just look like little pills by the time I saw it. The idea was still really weird to me but once she told me of the potential benefits I was all for it.

The pills definitely seemed to have a positive effect on her from the very start. Everything about having a second baby just seemed easier for her this time around. Maybe it was that she had already done it all before or maybe it was because this time she had those pills. Either way I vote yes on the placenta pills.

One word of advice Dads. Don't smell them. Maggie sniffed them all the time. She loved the smell. I thought I'd take a whiff and boy I regret it. I'm not sure what she smelled exactly, but it definitely couldn't have been what I did!...

Thanks Julian for sharing! We are so glad that placenta encapsulation worked out for the whole family's benefit!

Are you an expectant father wondering if placenta encapsulation is right for your family? Has your partner already consumed her placenta after the birth of your baby? Share the experience with us!

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