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10 of the Funniest Placenta Memes

August 13, 2016

Whether you love talking placenta or not, these memes are going to have you cracking up at how uncomfortable the subject is for some people- so naturally poking fun at all that is right up our alley! Enjoy some of the funniest placenta memes on the internet.










The perfect postpartum remedy regimen: placenta pills to help balance hormones, beer to help with breast milk production, coconut oil and breast milk for absolutely anything at all. Now someone get that mama a nap and she is set!















You know, when you accidentally get out the tub of placenta from your freezer for your guests?? HA!













When you just gotta call dibs before anyone else snatches up the placenta. Placenta sandwich anyone??























Speaking of dibs on placenta, here's a good way to call dibs on your ice cream. This would not be a welcome food container in my household- but I might try it just to see the look on everyone's faces next time they peek in the freezer! ;-)
























You are a true placenta lover when you hate to see one go unused. (Soooo, bake it in a pie?? hehehe)










             Ryan Gosling anything. Period. Yes.













You'll be the first to know when you miss a placenta dose.



















Ok, this one really cracks us up!! Things that your husband will nevvverrrrr say about your placenta. LOL













Really! Everyone just settle down. Placenta is natural and personalize and completely biological medicine- how cool is that?
















Best for last! How almost-inappropriate is this one?? Had to include it for the shock value but also we are laughing our pants off at the idea of this being a real thing some day. Gives us some pretty good business ideas... haha!!!





Alright, we had way too much fun finding these funny placenta pictures. We hope you guys got a little chuckle out of this collection. Did we miss one of your favorites? Share with us on our Facebook Page! We can't wait to hear from you.





Tiffany Alblinger is an experienced doula and placenta encapsulation specialist who has been writing helpful articles on women's health and birth issues for several years. She serves all of San Diego, but provides the quickest placenta encapsulation service to the Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas, San Marcos and Poway areas. 

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