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The Cost of Placenta Encapsulation in San Diego

Follow me here on the natural progression of the placenta decision-making process...

1. You figured out what placenta encapsulation is. Ok, it's kinda gross, but it totally makes sense and you just have to try it!

2. You learned the amazing benefits of placenta encapsulation. Ummm, yes! Give me alllll the benefits please!

3. You cross-checked testimonials and what all the other super smart people who have already encapsulated their placenta are saying. Yes, it really is that spectacular. You just gotta get on that level with them!

4. And then the final question... How is this going to hit your pocketbook?? How much does placenta encapsulation cost? (Or if you have a family anything like mine, it was YOU that ever so joyfully and enthusiastically were telling your partner how you have completely solved about 99% of your postpartum worries with this crazy placenta idea, only to be met with the quickest, "how much is that going to cost?" quip out of his mouth... well, dad's certainly have their own types of concerns too!!)

Discovering the cost of Placenta Encapsulation:

Placenta Encapsulation in San Diego costs about $250. At My San Diego Placenta, our package starts at $250. Some businesses will package their products differently, but overall in this community our standard offerings are about the same.

What does $250 get you??

- Assistance in preparing for a smooth transport within your birth setting

- Free pickup immediately after the birth

- Choice of TCM or Raw preparation method

- Complimentary placenta prints and umbilical cord keepsake

- Free delivery to your recovery place, usually within 24 hours of pickup

That usually very comfortably gets a new mommy on her way to feeling great, faster healing, better rest and and an overall improved sense of well-being. Some new parents want to diversify their intake method to get a bigger impact, longer-lasting results or increase the convenience of taking their placenta in the postpartum period. We are talking about the placenta tincture, placenta smoothies and the placenta salve.

I wanna make it last!! How to give your placenta longevity:

Add-on's are an easy $30 each and include:

- 7 day placenta smoothie prep (raw placenta frozen into 14 individual servings to enjoy twice a day)

- 4oz placenta tincture (this stuff last forever, you really gotta check it out!)

- 4oz placenta salve (the seriously sweetest way to gain skin health for the whole family)

Ok, so now that you have the formal breakdown of what placenta encapsulation costs in San Diego...

Can you afford it?? You can make way for this amazing addition to your postpartum recovery easier than you might think.

Below are some strategies to work placenta encapsulation into your budget:

- Start saving early! $250 spread out over 9 months is only $28 a month!

- Ask for placenta encapsulation as a baby shower gift

- Use your Flexible Spending Account to pay for your placenta encapsulation!

Hey, those are some pretty good ideas, huh? You are going to have to come up with some really intricate ways to avoid the completely obvious and practical necessity of getting placenta encapsulation for your postpartum recovery. Have any ideas on how to cut the cost even more? Share how you made your placenta encapsulation cost as affordable as possible, we want to hear it!

Tiffany Alblinger is an experienced doula and placenta encapsulation specialist who has been writing helpful articles on women's health and birth issues for several years. She serves all of San Diego, but provides the quickest placenta encapsulation service to the Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas, San Marcos and Poway areas.

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