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My San Diego Doula: Transition

Transition is a time of deep and intense change... Those moments of introspection in transition are sometimes the most challenging, yet they allow us to shed our deepest attachments so we may move on to unexpected and beautiful new beginnings. Transition occurs not only in birth, but in all aspects of our lives. When we venture out onto a new career path, when we meet for the first time a new loved one, when we lose a loved one, when we first learn to walk and become a toddler, when we become parents of babies, toddlers, children, teens and eventually parents of adults, when we move to a new home... This ever-changing ebb and flow of the Universe is what keeps us truly alive - it's what keeps us growing and learning and thriving. My mantra for today as I experience change in all aspects of life is, [deep inhale] "The Universe is one with me" [deep exhale] "and I am one with the Universe."

More recently, Tiffany and I have been in transition with our doula practice. Over the past year or so, we have been cultivating deep change and growth in our doula skills and the services we offer, as well as our partnership with each other. We made the decision to partner up under the new names My San Diego Doula and My San Diego Placenta, and once the decision was made, there was no turning back! We are so joyously pleased to continue serving and supporting San Diego families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and we are even more excited for the adventures yet to come as our new doula business is taking on forms we never imagined were possible! The horizon of change is ever-stretching ahead of us and we anticipate big things for the future as we continue our studies in Midwifery. Keep checking back for more updates from us!



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