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postpartum doula services

Often there is so much preparation and excitement leading up to the birth of the baby, that we often forget that it really does take a villiage once the baby is home. Postpartum doulas are a great non-judgemental support and resource during the early weeks to hold the space for you to bond with your baby, learn to breastfeed, navigate becoming a parent and connecting with each other as a growing family.


"I loved Courtney’s presence so much as my birth doula, that I asked her to stay on as a postpartum doula. Her calm nature, pure intention and abundance of knowledge has impressed me and soothed me to a level I had not anticipated. I know my son will miss his naps in her arms."


- Lindsay H.

postpartum doula rates

Daytime: $20/hour (limited availability)

Overnight: $25/hour


Services Include:

  • breast and bottle feeding education and support

  • evidence-based newborn care education and support

  • companionship, emotional support & birth story listening

  • some light meal prep & tidying

  • caring for baby while parents sleep, shower & nourish themselves

  • assists with the family's adjustment

  • providing you with support that fits your needs


"Having Courtney here was like having a friend (but with more knowledge) or a mother (but much younger and with fewer opinions) staying over to help care for our son. I could sleep between breastfeeding sessions knowing he was in the best and safest hands. Our son was always easily soothed and clearly comfortable with Courtney."

- Tovah A, San Diego

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