benefits of placenta encapsulation

"I felt wonderful right after the first smoothie and I still take a pill every couple days and it has been 3 months. I will be very sad once my pills are gone!"

Rebecca D, San Diego

my clients report:
better mood     81%
quicker healing     81%
feeling more balanced     76%
increased energy     67%
reduced anxiety     67%
decreased feelings of sadness     57%
decreased bleeding     48%
fewer periods of weepiness     48%
increased milk supply     43%
decreased insomnia     38%
better sleep     29%
other     10%

I know you want to know more!

To some, placenta encapsulation sounds like the craziest thing in the world, dare I say, “gross!” For others, they have heard of the benefits and they are interested in how they can experience them. And an even smaller percentage of people understand all the details and enthusiastically bring it up at dinner parties for unique conversation starters. (That might be me, don’t judge!) But really, what's the deal with placenta encapsulation??


I’ll give it to you straight:

Placentophagy: “The ingestion of a human placenta at any time postpartum, by any person, either in raw or altered (e.g., cooked, dried, steeped in liquid) form.”


Why do we do this? Certain cultures believe that the placenta is rich in nutrients that will help the mother to recover from childbirth, including slowing and stopping hemorrhaging after birth and helping with milk supply. More recently in the U.S. women have been hearing about the reported benefits from their friends and co-workers and have decided to give placenta encapsulation a shot.


My clients have reported many benefits from consuming their placenta!