breastfeeding classes

Start yourself off on the right foot for a successful breastfeeding relationship and feel confident about your abilities on this beautiful journey with your new baby.


Breastfeeding classes are taught by Certified Lactation Educator Couselor and Student Midwife, Courtney Scott.

Breastfeeding education is the best way to prepare for a positive and long-lasting breastfeeding relationship with your little one. The most common breastfeeding issue - sore nipples - can be easily adjusted by learning how to properly latch your newborn. Learning to latch properly is the foundation for breastfeeding!


This class is great for any mom, even if you've breastfed before (it's a great refresher for how to feed your newborn, which is much different than feeding an older baby/child). Learn how breastfeeding works, how to properly latch baby, the importance of feeding "on cue," different breastfeeding positions, what to expect during weeks 1-6, common breastfeeding concerns & their solutions, how to manage pumping & going back to work, and more!


Private classes take place in the comfort of your own home and we spend as much time on these topics as you need - $75.

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