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May 31, 2016

We can actually think of about 106 rad reasons to get a doula. Some of them include things like:


* Doulas will totally run to get you Mexican food in the middle of the night after you awesomely birth your baby after 36 hours of crazy-hard labor. 

* Your Doula might be the only person you ever know that will see crevices on your body that you can't even view yourself. And we aren't telling anyone, pinky promise. You're welcome.

* Doulas can multi-task like nobody's business, with the simultaneous hip squeeze, breath coaching and head nod for Dad to grab you some water.


However, what we really wanted to bring up again was the fantastic statistics that belong to the Cochrane Review of 2012, illustrating the evidence for doulas. I was reminded of this today while I was spending time on the supremely interesting and accurate resou...

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