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October 31, 2017

Maggie M, from San Diego, shares about her experience with encapsulator, Tiffany Alblinger, and her awesome postpartum recovery after her second baby!

"I (embarrassingly)first heard about placenta encapsulation on an episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.' I immediately thought it was so cool! Totally something I would do. We already had one little one but I knew that when had our next baby that I wanted to "eat his placenta." As soon as we got pregnant with baby number two I started doing research and found that it is actually more common than I thought. It's something mommas all over the world have done for a really long time. I got in contact with Tiffany early on in my second pregnancy and let her know that I wanted to get my placenta encapsulated. 

When delivery day came I told everyone that walked into my room to save my p...

July 29, 2017

You found it! More information about Tiffany Alblinger, Placenta Encapsulator Extraordinaire! 

Who am I? How did I get into this work? Do you really want ME processing your placenta? 

I am a mommy of 3 and wife of 1 (Husband feels very passionate that he remain my one and only). Our oldest is 15 and our youngest is 3. I am on my toes around the clock to say the least. Right now a typical day in our Carlsbad household starts early and ends late and involves lots of driving, communication skills practice for all, and plenty of laughs (I mean if you can't laugh at chaos you are in bad shape). We love the beach, roasting marshmallows in our backyard and sharing leisurely time and meals with family and friends. On the occasion that I can shake my big-girl responsibilities I personally enjoy yoga (especially going more than 4 times a year),...

July 15, 2017

You heard your friends talking about placenta encapsulation, you know all the many, many benefits of ingesting your placenta, you thought about it, you talked it over with your partner, your mother-in-law, your co-worker and you still, really, truly just cannot get on board. You tried. But frankly, it freaks you out and makes you want to dry heave a little bit when you think about it. Ok, ok, ok stop being so dramatic- haha! We know you just don't want to toss your amazing organ in the trash, which also seems kinda strange and wasteful, right? You have options, sister! Read on...

Your answer may be: placenta planting. Yup, you can burry your placenta in the earth and still honor the magnificence that this vital organ brought to your womb and your baby. I mean, after all, your placenta WAS made by you - for the very specific...

July 1, 2017

Placenta Smoothies: You gotta be brave just to utter the words together in the same sentence. But yet, we know that the most benefits can come from ingesting your placenta raw. My San Diego Placenta specialists offer smoothie prep as a service. You can get your entire placenta prepared to consume just as smoothies, or you can get the more popular choice which is to have part of it reserved for a week of smoothies and the rest prepared into pills/capsules for consumption. When we prepare your placenta for smoothies we bring you 2 prepared smoothies. Because, newborn. Who has time to start whizzing up their own smoothies the day after your baby is born? However, you gotta get with it eventually, day 3 you are going to take a frozen piece of placenta from your freezer and drop it in your own smoothie recipe.

And be rest assured, we have...

June 17, 2017

Ok, I lied a little bit with that title. I actually DO think you’re a superhero if you eat your placenta. But not just because you ate your placenta, but because that means you made some conscious decisions that included eating your placenta. When you arrive at the, "I think I am going to eat my placenta" place, that many of us do, you didn't get there on accident. Chances are you have made some other really radical and thoughtful choices before then. You may have done a ton of research on where to give birth and who your care provider will be. You may have made room in your schedule for some awesome childbirth classes. You may have told a lot of people you love that no, in fact, they will not be at your birth. You may have taken the time and energy to interview and hire and work with a doula. You may have done a whole crap load of amazin...

May 6, 2017

So you just don't want to eat your placenta? We get it, it's truly not for everyone and we are here to spread the word about how awesome the benefits of encapsulation and placenta ingestion can be, but we aren't going to shove it down your throat (get it??! Ha!). But you do want to do something with it, it's just too wasteful to throw it out, or let your hospital harvest the stem cells (creepy), or sell it for shampoo (we aren't kidding). So let's talk about how you can make use of your placenta and honor it without actually eating it.

1. You can bury it. This might be the most popular option here for the non-placenta eaters we know. It sends all that vibrant energy and life giving nutrients back to the earth, which in turns sustains life for all of us. Some families plant it with a special tree. Some families wait for a special time to bu...

April 8, 2017

So, you know that you want to encapsulate your placenta and you know that you want My San Diego Placenta to do it! We are honored to be a part of this journey with you and hope to assist you with the smoothest transition into mothering as possible. Here are the final steps to making sure you have a hassle-free postpartum experience with a little bit of work you can do ahead of time:

#1. Make sure that you have filled out our e-contract and paid your deposit. This is the documentation we need to safely and efficiently provide you with encapsulation service. It's important for you to acknowledge the protocols and process we use and to understand what our responsibilities are and what your responsibilities are. We are big on communication so if anything comes up that you have more questions about or require clarity, we are happy to assist. A...

March 25, 2017

Life in the on-call lane: it's not for everyone, it's not for the faint of heart, but at My San Diego Placenta, it's our lives and it's what allows us to serve YOU fully. Wanna glimpse into life on-call as a birth worker? Then this post is for you.

Realizing I chose a career that would require me to be on-call didn't faze me at the onset. I thought, "how hard can this be? Stick close to my phone and when someone calls, answer it and go help them!" Yep, that's the gist of it. However, in practice it's an entire lifestyle adjustment and I had to learn like everyone who came before me, by living it. 

Being on-call for birth means that you are committing to being available to a woman during her most probable birthing time. This can be as early as 36 weeks gestation but more typically begins at 37/38 weeks and can last as late as 42 weeks (...

March 11, 2017

The umbilical cord is a pretty amazing part of the placenta. It is the literal and physical connection between mama and baby. It begins at the placenta. The placenta is embedded into the side of a pregnant woman's uterus. This connection is what brings all the blood from mother’s body to baby; carrying nutrients, oxygen, hormones and all other life sustaining properties. This blood will profuse the placenta which filters out toxins present in the blood and sends it down the 1 umbilical vein in the umbilical cord. The cord ends at the umbilicus (or belly button) of the developing baby and connects to the baby's circulatory system. The blood circulates through baby, delivering the nutrients, hormones and oxygen and then takes waste products from baby, out through the 2 umbilical arteries in the cord, back through the placenta filtration and...

January 28, 2017

At My San Diego Placenta it is not uncommon to hear from the moms soon after dropping off the placenta pills and other products how well it is doing for them! It truly makes our work so rich to be supporting this special time postpartum. We recognize the family as a whole, whomever it may be: other siblings, grandparents and of course, partners. What we really love to hear is when Dad gives us feedback that his lady taking her placenta is working for HIM too! haha. 

Maggie and Julian are a Navy family from Temecula, and gave birth at Camp Pendleton in August to their second child, Wyatt. Maggie is a good childhood friend of mine and when she contacted me to inquire about placenta encapulation I was ecstatic. She was not 100% sure what she was agreeing to but was looking for as much help as she could get with the care of herself, her n...

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