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my san diego doula archived client testimonials

Kristy O.

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I chose Courtney as my doula and placenta specialist for the birth of my second baby and I can not say enough good things about the experience.  Courtney is a warm, caring, and calming person who helped me and my family prepare for the arrival of our new little one.  As a second time mom I felt pretty confident about labor and delivery but Courtney provided additional support, knowledge, and such a fantastic presence that helped me have the birthing experience I wanted.  I believe every family deserves a doula (I say family because dads benefit too) and Courtney was a perfect fit for our family.

As for placenta encapsulation, DO IT!  Courtney was already there for the birth, so once she left (after making sure my husband and I had some food), she took the placenta with her.  A few days later she came to our house with a goody bag that included among other things the placenta capsules.  Background: I did not choose placenta encapsulation after the birth of my first and struggled with milk supply, baby blues, etc.  Wow!  What a difference with the capsules!  My milk supply has been awesome from the get-go (I'm 6 1/2 months PP now) and my mood, energy, and attitude have been so much better this time around.  I was in touch with Courtney as my capsule supply was running low and she was able to make a tincture for me with the remaining capsules, therefore extending the benefits.   

I would highly recommend Courtney as a doula and a placenta specialist!

Aaron H.

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Wow!  I am at a loss for words to describe the seamless and exceptional experience we had with Courtney.  This is our second time using Courtney as our doula, and we would not have had such an easy birth and postpartum experience without her.  From the moment we hired Courtney she was there to guide us through the pregnancy, and made sure we were comfortable in the months, weeks, and days before we went into labor.  Courtney's real magic comes the moment labor begins.  She was present at the very moment we required her comfort.  We ended up going into labor during the day and things got tough at night before we went to the hospital.  At a moment notice Courtney got in her car and was at our home to help my wife.  At the hospital Courtney was with us for the entire twelve plus hours and even came the next day for a follow up.  I was amazed how may doctors and nurses knew who Courtney was and had worked with her in the past.  All in all we had an amazing experience for the births of both our children - a majority of which we owe to Courtney!  She is a breath of fresh air and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Also - as a side note - Courtney encapsulated my wife's placenta both times.  She takes care of the entire process, and delivers everything two days later.  

There are a number of doulas in town offering their services - Courtney is a diamond in the rough!  Her calm, confident and reassuring demeanor only matches her bright smile and positive zest for life!

Kate B.

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Courtney Scott was my doula for my third child and I wish she had been with me for my first two. She was worth every penny. She met with me twice before the delivery. We talked through my birth plan, she answered questions and gave us resources on water birth and breastfeeding since I had had difficulty in the past. She provided emotional support in the weeks prior as I was having some anxiety about going into labor again. She always returned my calls despite her own full life of family and work. Even when I called late, Courtney picked up her phone and calmed my worries. The day my water broke Courtney came over to show me stretches to get the contractions going and walked around my neighborhood while I mentally prepared. Courtney brought a special energy into the room while I was laboring. Almost like a sixth sense...she knew what I needed. She kept me on track with my natural birth when I needed it most and wanted to give up. I can not put into words how much this woman contributed to the beautiful experience of my third daughters birth. After the birth Courtney came to my house and helped with breastfeeding, belly binding and brought my placenta she had encapsulated for my post partum symptoms. I will recommend her to all my pregnant friends. The support I felt from her before, during and after my pregnancy was priceless. Thank you Courtney

Jennifer H.

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Courtney was the most amazing doula I could have ever wanted. From the moment I met her, she exuded this incredible calming presence that was so comforting. I knew that she was who I needed to support me and my husband during the birth of our son.

During our prenatal visits she provided a wealth of information and guidance to help us feel more prepared in welcoming our second child into our family. When my guess date came and went she stopped by again for another visit to help me talk out my frustrations and anxiety of the waiting game. A much needed therapy session, that helped me remain positive those last few days. 

When I finally went into labor, Courtney met us at the hospital at 2am all ready to go! While my husband was a very active participant in comforting and supporting me through my tough labor, there is no way I could have made it through without her. She was able to provide the emotional, psychological, and physical support I needed. She was my biggest cheerleader and every time I said I couldn't do it anymore, she reminded me of how strong I am and I that I have everything it takes to birth my baby. She let me squeeze her hand for hours on end without complaining even once(and I had crazy mama strength)! She stayed by my side when my husband needed to rest. She was incredible. 

After 16 hours of labor and much self-doubt, with the encouragement of my wonderful husband and knowledgeable support of Courtney, I was able to have the natural birth I wanted for myself and my son. I am certain that I would not have been able to have that dream come true without Courtney on my birthing team.

While I was able to have the natural birth I wanted, my son had breathing issues right away and was swept off by the NICU team immediately. Courtney stayed by my side helping me process everything that had just happened while my husband went with my son. It meant so much to not be alone during that emotionally difficult time. 

About a week after the birth, Courtney met up with my husband, sweet babe and I at a coffee shop and were able to talk about all the thoughts and emotions surrounding the birth. It was so wonderful to process all of the event together and brought me even more peace.

I am forever grateful that we were blessed to have Courtney as our doula. She will always hold a very special place in my heart for what she helped me accomplish. I cannot recommend her enough!

Sonya R.

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Found Courtney after I realized I needed more support for my VBAC - doctor was not too supportive or encouraging. We chose Courtney because we felt she was a great balance of that holistic, natural birth that I wanted while still being reasonable and safe. Her methodology during labor was perfect for me - giving me my own space but also voicing her thoughts when she felt it necessary. I also used all her products and they were great and very professional. Would totally hire her again god forbid we have a third child.

Will H.

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Add Testimonial hereMy wife and I recently had our first child and were deeply grateful for the care and calm that Courtney brought to our birth. A challenging pregnancy, complicated by hypertension and preeclampsia, and a very difficult and very long birth process, 51 hours of induced labor, were the realities that we faced. Our guide for the birth of our son, Courtney saw us through the toughest moments with a steady presence and reassuring advice and guidance. Courtney helped us create and communicate a birth plan that we wanted prior to our birth date, and then helped us adjust to adversity when our birth required far more medical intervention than we had hoped. She even paid for our parking when I spaced out on paying for it after our first day of labor. We are certain that our son would have been delivered via Cesarean without Courtney there. The encapsulation services were an added bonus in helping my wife adjust in the postpartum period. As we tell our story to friends and family, we are quick to mention our gratitude towards our doula. We were helped by dozens of doctors and nurses at UCSD Jacobs Medical Center, but there was only one doula: Courtney Scott. Thank you, Courtney!

Keisha O.

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WOW!! I am completely speechless on what to even say...This was my first birth and I just feel so GRATEFUL and BLESSED to have the privilege to have Courtney as our Doula. She is an ANGEL sent from above for sure! She gave me sooo much strength and encouragement the whole entire time, especially during ACTIVE labor. 

She was the only one I listened to when needing to PUSH harder and get that baby out! 

"Keisha you need to push harder!" 

Courtney.....just want you to know that baby Jett, Michael and I appreciate you so much!!

I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me warrior strength and showing me what I am totally capable of!!

You have an amazing gift to give to women and I'm so blessed to witness it and be a part of it.

Clarissa R.

Doula Courtney

"I have NO WORDS for how VALUABLE a resource Courtney was as a Doula! My Husband (a very active father in the labor) and myself found her to be the perfect support system before during and after the birth of our daughter Last Monday! It's like she knew exactly what we were going to need before we knew we needed it! Which is so comforting during a first time birth!"

Kayla T.

Doula Courtney

Courtney is hands down the best you can go to for all of your birthing needs!!  Not only was she the best doula ever and made my birthing experience a truly magical experience but  she made my postpartum experience just as blissful.  I am also so glad that I did placenta encapsulation and that Courtney was the one I did it through.  She was very swift with the process and very knowledgeable about it all! I will always recommend Courtney to all of my soon to be mommies!!

Melissa M.

Doula Courtney & Doula Tiffany

I chose to interview [Courtney] because you were referred to me by an acquaintance. It is great to know that someone I trusted had sent you my way.  It shows you must have provided someone else great support. After meeting with several other doulas I felt you were definitely the right fit! Very calm and peaceful.  I knew that is what we needed more of in the delivery room. 


I feel my birth was as great as it could be given the circumstances. I feel without you and Tiffany it could have turned into a birth that was directed more by what was best for the hospital than what was best for my baby and myself.  I will always be grateful my birth did not result in pitocin and c-section. 


Prenatally, you helped me sort through and organize my thoughts about what I my ideal birth looked like. You helped me get all these thoughts and potential decisions on paper so nothing was left to figure out day of.


The team work between you and Tiffany was amazing. The communication, dedication, and support for one another, Kyle, Lacey, and I was truly amazing. Above and beyond! We felt in very good hands the entire time. 


You offered endless support, you were always available for questions, very caring, passionate, knowledgeable & professional.

Melissa P.

Doula Courtney

We felt instantly comfortable with you and we liked that when we initially met it was about what our goals were and what type of experience we wanted to have with the birth of our child. Your approach made us feel at ease and we knew our desires for our birth experience would be realized with you. It was priceless!!! Early on in my pregnancy I debated about the idea of hiring a doula. Once I met with you and had determined that a doula was the right support for me I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The cost is nominal compared to the benefit. The support I received throughout the entire relationship was so helpful and meaningful. I had such a difficult pregnancy with so many complications and you were always there for me with both emotional support and sage, holistic advice. 


My goals were to have a relaxed and intervention free birth. You helped me to prepare for that experience by facing any fears I had, talking through the emotional side of my expectations, and then learning about what we can do to physically prepare for labor. I believe that all of these factors helped me to achieve the birth I had longed for. I knew I was going to have a hospital birth due to insurance and wanting the backup of emergency facilities but I wanted as natural of an experience as possible. I knew that having a doula as my labor support would increase my odds of having an intervention free birth. I truly believe that your support throughout my pregnancy and labor helped me to achieve that. I knew I was only going to have one child, one time to experience birthing my child, and desperately wanted it to be relaxed, positive and healthy.


What stands out most about my experience with you was the personal experience we were given. You really took the time to get to know us and I now feel like you are my friend. You knew we were looking for support beyond the day of labor and I really experienced that with you, that was important to me. 


I knew what I wanted to achieve for my birth experience but I felt I had a lot of obstacles in achieving that. The journey of my relationship with you (our consultations and getting to know each other, support texts and phone calls) was a large part of the process that I had to have in order to reach my birth goals. Not only were you by my side through that journey but you were also guiding me. The knowledge and nurturing you shared with me was what I needed, it was invaluable.

Natalina G.

Doula Courtney & Doula Tiffany

Courtney and Tiffany are two of my most favorite people on the planet. I was blessed to have had them both a part of my pregnancy and post partum journey. They are amazingly knowledgable, supportive, and their joy and kindness envelop everyone they encounter. I only wish I had had them a part of my first birth! They are the best and I honestly cannot say enough good things about them.

Allie W.

Doula Courtney

When searching for a doula we wanted to make sure we did not choose someone whose personality we would clash with- when we went to the "meet the doulas night" in San Diego Courtney was the first doula we met! And right away we felt we connected with her and that didn't happen with any of the other doulas we met that night. I knew she was who I wanted helping me through labor.


We gained more knowledge that I didn't even realize we were receiving! As a new parent you are constantly looking for answers to all of the questions lingering in your mind about...everything. I found the most helpful information I gained was from Courtney- how to prepare for labor, what signs to look for, what's to come for nursing, postpartum information, etc. 


Our goals were to have a successful unmedicated birth and successful breast-feeding. Sadly I did end up with a c-section due to my little guy being breech at 39 weeks and being a scared first time parent I felt my options were limited- but Courtney gave me plenty of helpful information from spinning babies, to acupuncture, and even prenatal chiropractic.


Breast feeding was only a success because I had Courtney there guiding me along before I even gave birth! I absolutely loved the post-natal visits! They were very helpful when I was feeling very lost.


What stood out most about our experience with Courtney was her positive yet laid back attitude. "Everything is going to fine". And it was! She gets to know her clients. She was interested in our lifestyle and getting to know people. It made it feel like she was more of a friend than someone I hired to get me through that crazy time!


Thanks for everything!! ;D

Lindsay H.

Doula Courtney

"Where do I begin! I cannot put in to words the amount of joy and gratitude that comes up for me having used Courtney as our doula for our first birth experience. I had no intention of using a doula, as I thought I was fully prepared for birth based on my relationship with my midwives and the childbirth preparation classes we had taken. But when I met Courtney at a Meet the Doula Night put on by Embracing Labor, I knew she had to be a part of my birth team. Her calm nature, pure intention and abundance of knowledge has impressed me and soothed me to a level I had not anticipated. She adapted to the challenges of our labor with grace and ease, was so committed that she stayed with us for 2 days straight and was an amazing resource for breastfeeding! I loved Courtney’s presence so much that I asked her to stay on as a postpartum doula, even though that was not something she typically included. We have loved her energy and cooking in our home during such a special time, and we will miss her so much when she leaves us. My husband wants to bribe her to continue to cook for us, and I know my son will miss his naps in her arms. I love Courtney and would recommend her to anyone!”

Chrissy O.

Doula Courtney

We hired Courtney as our doula for our son's birth, and can not recommend her enough. Thanks to the our prenatal meetings and knowing we would have her to help us through the birth, we felt well prepared, even when our son decided to make his way into the world 4 weeks early. My husband and I were very open to taking the experience as it came, rather than having a very firm birth plan, and one of our concerns about using a doula was that they would push their views or preferences on us. This was absolutely not the case with Courtney; we felt supported and confident in all our decisions and she did not try to push us to or away from anything - she was there to support and encourage. She helped me labor effectively - changing positions, focusing, etc - and it was great to have someone there to support me while my husband needed to take brief breaks to get food, etc. allowing him to better support me throughout the birth. We could not have asked for a better birth experience, and are so thankful to have had such a great birthing team between Courtney and our hospital's staff.

We also used Courtney's placenta encapsulation service. She was super quick at getting the encapsulation done. I have had an excellent postpartum recovery experience. While I don't know for sure how much of that can be attributed to taking my daily capsules, I am very happy with my choice to encapsulate, and wouldn't change a thing next time. 

Thank you Courtney for all your help!

Graham S.

Doula Courtney

Courtney Scott was beyond amazing. We had her wonderful guidance for the birth of our first child. I would not have had it any other way.  There will not be a pregnant friend I will not recommend Courtney's expertise for their birth process.  Courtney came to our house for several visits before birth, for my 10 hours of labor, and for visits after delivery.  I appreciated all of her help throughout the process, but what really gives her 5 plus stars....her choice to go above and beyond. 4 days after our daughters birth, my breasts became insanely beyond painful...I didn't know what to do...Courtney was at our house within 30 minutes and coached me to restoration.   This was PRICELESS!!!! Our daughter is only 3 weeks currently, and Courtney is still in constant correspondence about difficulties with our daughters breastfeeding, and other questionable situations.  She was a confidence booster, confidant and friend. She was serious when she needed to be, and fun loving when the mood was light. She was amazing from the moment she walked in our door, for the birth, and everything thereafter.

Shanna L.

Doula Tiffany & Doula Courtney

I used Tiffany Alblinger for doula services and Courtney Scott for placenta services. Tiffany came highly recommended from Dr. Cobb and while we did interview several doulas I couldn't help but to choose Tiffany. She is the most amazing person! I was trying for a VB2C and she was my biggest cheerleader. I felt like she was that best girlfriend from college you shared your most personal secrets with. She was always attentive, never judgmental of my choices or feelings, as educated as a birth professional could be, and at the same time she brought her light personality and sense of humor too. I loved loved loved having her for my birth. She spent so much time with us I really am attached to her and I know she is a contributing factor in my best birth yet (mom of three). Courtney was amazing too! She was super easy to work with and quick to respond to my ongoing questions and super helpful. When it came time for my placenta to be processed Courtney swooped in she was so sweet and soft spoken a true gentleness about her; which after having a baby was just what I needed some calm energy. Courtney processed my placenta just as we had discussed and came back right on time with my ordered goodies. I still ask Courtney questions for friends and she continues to answer them with such knowledge and grace. I would highly recommend using these ladies as members of your birth team and I know my husband would too.

Mary V.

Doula Courtney

I used Courtney for Placenta Encapsulation and she was amazing.  I made the decision late in my pregnancy to use her and then my son arrived a little early.  Despite my lack of preparation, she was there to pick up my placenta when my son was born (at 4:30 am!) and then returned the capsules to me very quickly.  I definitely recommend Courtney if you're looking into Placenta Encapsulation.  Not to mention, less than two weeks after having my son I feel amazing!!

Vanessa C.

Doula Courtney

“I am so glad I had Courtney as my doula. Things wouldn’t have been the same if she wasn’t there before, during and after. Whenever I had questions she had endless amounts of information and had lots of researched information to back up her knowledge. She has opened up my eyes to many different options that I can continue to use with future children. I know that whenever I had a question or concern I can count on her. During the birthing process it was very reassuring to have a neutral party there where I was her main focus. I felt at much more ease with her suggestions rather than people telling me what I should do. It was very refreshing. I know for a fact the entire thing would have not been the same had she not been there and to this day I am grateful that she is still able to offer me information on things that I have questions on. Without a doubt I’d choose Courtney again”

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