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your san diego birth doula

With years of experience as a birth doula and student midwife, combined with expertise in placenta encapsulation, postpartum belly binding and breastfeeding education, you will have well-rounded support on your birth team.

courtney scott

student midwife, birth doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, breastfeeding educator,

vaginal steam facilitator

2010 - present

2010 - present

"Every pregnant woman should have the individual support of a doula. Meet with one and see, like I did, if it is an option for you."


- Erin S, San Diego

my skills:
  • Birth plan preparation

  • Pain relief techniques

  • Labor massage

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Effective positioning for pregnancy

  • Effective positioning for labor and birth

  • Acupressure points

  • Homeopathic knowledge

  • Aromatherapy

  • Optimal fetal positioning/Spinning Babies techniques

  • Visualization techniques

  • Addressing fears surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth & postpartum

  • Empowering the partner to be the main support

  • Hospital advocacy

  • Breastfeeding education & support

  • Labor & birth education

  • Newborn education

I support:
  • Home birth

  • Free standing birth center birth

  • Birth at a birth center attached to a hospital

  • Hospital birth

  • Unmedicated birth

  • Medicated birth

  • Unplanned cesarean birth

  • Planned cesarean birth

  • Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC & VBA2+C)

  • Twin birth

  • Breech birth

  • Surrogacy birth

  • Same-sex couples birthing

  • Special Circumstances

courtney's journey into birth work

It is an absolute honor and a privilege to serve you with care and support as you welcome your baby into the world. After giving birth to my daughter in 2012, I was so touched  by the experience of giving birth and holding new life in my arms that I knew I had found my calling. I attended my birth doula training with toLabor in 2013 and I've been supporting families in birth ever since. Since my first doula training, I have taken many continuing education classes to develop new skills, I've become a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, a Certified Lactation Educator, a Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator and even... an Apprentice Midwife! It is my passion to support babies, mamas, partners and their family during this incredible time. As your doula, I'm here for you.


I'm originally from the east coast (Maryland), I've spent some time in the south, and in 2008 I landed on the west coast in beautiful San Diego! My educational background is in Women's Studies and Medical Anthropology. I always knew I wanted to work in women's health, but I wasn't quite sure where I fit in that picture... until I gave birth! I knew I had found my calling. Speaking of giving birth, first and foremost I am a Mama. I have a spunky, sassy, energetic six-year-old daughter, and a super-chill dude of a one-year-old son, who both teach me something new about life and love (and patience) each day. My hubby is a pretty rad guy and his passion is geology. We love hanging out as a family, we have two awesome dogs, and the beach is our spot in the summertime. When I'm not busy attending births and studying midwifery, and I'm taking some time out just for me, I really enjoy cooking, practicing yoga and meditating. 


Learn more about Courtney's journey into birth work here.

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